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Events Policy


The Rainbow Garden Board must check that the calendar is clear, so you must have our approval for your event.  Rainbow Garden remains open to the public at all times, so we cannot close the Garden during a wedding or other ceremony.



Non-Profit Event


Up-front fee:  none—but the Garden gratefully accepts donations!

Other costs:  Other costs must be charged to you, not to Rainbow Garden.  For example, you might need work by an electrician or an electrical

                       inspection to ensure a proper connection.


For-Profit Event


Up-front fee:  $250, to be paid

  • upon approval of your event, or

  • at least 30 days in advance of the event


 Other costs:  Must be charged to you, not to the Garden.  For example, you might need work by an electrician or an electrical inspection to

                        ensure a proper connection.

 Vendors:  You are responsible for gathering sales tax information from any event-vendors and for any special permits.​



Your Responsibilities

    1.  Set-up

      You and the Board must agree on a start time for set up, and you must do your own set-up. 


  • On the north side of the Garden, drive outside the barrier rocks.  Do not drive a vehicle on the grass inside the barrier rocks

  • On the south side of the Garden, vehicles must drive south of the Garden shed, inside the barrier rocks and as close as possible to them.



  • make sure you know and mark where the utility lines are.  We have maps for you.

  • ask for permission to drive any kind of stake into the grass

  • secure tents or canopies with tent weights

  • make sure children have adult supervision at all times

  • if you move anything in the Garden, put it back before you leave



  • do not put nails into trees without permission

  • do not stake anything into the ground without permission

  • do not drive stakes into the walks or the garden plots

  • do not throw rice, birdseed, glitter, confetti, silk flower petals, or “silly string.”  Try real flower petals instead---but not from Rainbow Garden’s flowers, please!

  • do not use trampolines, bounce houses or slides

  • do not build fires in the Garden:  we can permit barbeques, but they must be gas grills—(we do not have a receptacle for disposing charcoal)

  • do not allow open flames or cooking under tents

  • do not smoke,  gamble, or use drugs in the Garden


   2.  Clean-Up​​

​           If you fail to clean up after your event, any future applications may be rejected



  • remove all decorations and equipment brought into Rainbow Garden

  • remove trash, litter, and debris. 

  • put garbage in the dumpster located south of the restrooms

  • clean up after any animals that were included in your event

  • Take home all grease, chemicals, gasoline, and other substances that might harm the plants or the grass

  • if you move anything in the Garden, replace it to its original position   



  • DO NOT put garbage in the dumpster south of the Garden shed:  that dumpster is  reserved for plant materials to be composted

  • DO NOT use the dumpster, the gardens, or the grass as a place to throw grease, chemicals, gasoline, or other substances that might cause harm



Our Responsibilities

 What We Will Do

  • groom the Garden to the best of our abilities so that it provides a beautiful background for your event.

  • hold lost-and-found items for 30 days.  If items are not claimed after 30 days, we either donate them to charity or dispose of them. 


  What We Cannot Do

  • accept early delivery of supplies. 

  • provide chairs, tables, or tents for your event.

We ask that your cleanup be completed within 24 hours.

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