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Why would anyone want to walk a labyrinth?  Seems  pointless.   It’s only a circular path that leads to a center which you can plainly see before you even start.   You’ve got too much to do to waste time walking in circles. 

But that is the point!  The labyrinth’s purpose is to rescue you from the hassles of life, even if only temporarily.  As you walk the labyrinth, calm yourself by becoming mindful of your physical surroundings—the touch of the sun and the shade on your body, the sight of the wind in the grass, the sounds of birds calling and even your own breathing.  By temporarily shutting out all your “must dos,” you will find your own center as you approach the center of the labyrinth.  And then, as you follow the path out of the labyrinth, you will find yourself at peace—renewed and ready to face the challenges of everyday life once again.

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