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Donations Policy

Rainbow Garden and Sculpture Walk




  Rainbow Garden gratefully accepts donations of money to help provide for plants, sculptures, amenities, or upkeep chosen by the Rainbow Garden    Board.  We will accept only monetary memorials and honorariums to be used for the Garden’s needs. 


  Memorials and honorariums will be noted each season in the list posted on the bulletin board at the Garden’s shed, but we will no longer make       memorial or honorarium plaques.


 We do not accept or choose gifts with a primary focus of advertisement or religion.  Nor do we accept or choose gifts that bear any emblem of, or reference to, mascots, politics, logos, firearms, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or pornography.  Rainbow Garden does not accept mass-manufactured items.


We choose only sculptures or amenities that are


  • made of maintenance-free, durable materials 

  • designed so as not to create hazards for children.

  • made and installed professionally

  • appropriate to the proposed site

  • designed for minimum ecological impact


 Relocation or removal

We reserve the right to relocate or remove a plant, sculpture, or amenity if it becomes a hazard or liability or if circumstances dictate. We are not obligated to replace a plant, sculpture, or amenity if it is stolen, vandalized, worn out, irreparably damaged, or destroyed.


Relocation  We will make every attempt to work with the artist when considering the relocation of a sculpture.   


Removal  The Garden is responsible for determining the final disposition of a removed gift, taking into account the materials and scope. The following actions may be considered:


  • Exchange:  We may exchange a sculpture with the artist, a gallery, museum, or other institution for artwork of comparable value by the same artist. We will give the artist the first opportunity to exchange the artwork. Any artwork we acquire through an exchange is subject to review criteria.


  • Transfer:  We will give the artist or donor priority for the transfer of ownership through either donation or sale. The sculpture or other gift can be donated to the artist, the original donor, a non-profit organization, a conservator or scholar for educational purposes.


1.  We may sell a sculpture or other gift through auction, gallery resale, or direct bidding by individuals, in compliance with existing  laws and policies governing surplus property.


2.  We will deposit proceeds from sale of a sculpture or amenity in the Rainbow Garden account for future undesignated projects. We will honor any pre-existing contractual agreements between the artist or donor and the Garden regarding transfer of ownership. 


  • Destruction:  We may destroy a sculpture or other gift when it has deteriorated or been damaged and the cost of repair is disproportionate to the value. We will pursue recycling options when possible.

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